Do you want to submit a story?

Writers can be

1. Anyone from anywhere. Liars’ League Hong Kong can be a platform for unsung local authors but we do also like diversity of fiction from all over the globe.

2. Willing to have your name and the text of your story up on the site if your piece is chosen.

3. Talented and interesting. Show us what you’ve got!

4. Willing to be paid for your work in kind. This means that if your story is chosen, you will receive our admiration and gratitude, and possibly a video recording of the reading. Unfortunately, Liars’ League does not currently pay contributors in $ or £.

IMPORTANT: Submitting your work to Liars’ League implies permission to upload the text and an audio and video recording of your story onto our website so that everyone can enjoy it. From time to time, we’re also booked for showcase performances, and your story may be read aloud in other venues and instances other than the regular Liars’ League events. If this is an issue just email and we’re happy to discuss.

Stories need to be

1. Unpublished (in print or online), unbroadcast, and not a prizewinner in any previous competition.

2. Between 800-1200 words long. Please do not send in submissions with a word count above or below.

3. Submitted to by midnight of the deadline for the theme in question. Deadlines and monthly themes can be found here.

4. Attached as an MS Word (.doc or .docx) or .rtf document, page-numbered, with the title on each page. NO PDFs, JPEGs or other random files PLEASE.

5. Submitted in an email with the story title, the month of the event and the theme in the subject header: e.g. He & She, Divide & Conquer. Please put your name at the bottom of your email but NOT on your story, as we prefer to judge anonymously.

6. A prose short story. This means no poetry, no scripts, no non-fiction. We’ll look at novel extracts, but only if they work as stand-alone pieces.

7. ON THEME. This means that there should be a traceable link to the theme, or that the theme should be invoked or interpreted as a central part of the story. Simply featuring a bar called “Duck & Dive” if that’s the theme is not enough; but make your main character a dodgy dealer in stolen goods, and we’ll be interested.

And finally

1. Please submit no more than ONE story per theme. This is for reading-time reasons.

2. Please don’t resubmit any story we have previously rejected unless we ask you to, however much it has changed.

3. If chosen, your story will be subject to edits in order to polish the pieces for the stage.

4. Please don’t be discouraged. We really want to see your work – so send it in!